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The great thing about having a long-running blog is I can type almost any word into “Search the diary” box over on the right hand margin, and find posts about it, sparking memories aplenty — sometimes even memories that are amusing or thought-provoking.

Some enjoyable posts I re-discovered yesterday:

I’ve just attempted to use the search to recall if I’ve read the seemingly unscathed copy of Ben Elton’s “High Society” that I found in the bookshelf. No answers, alas.

But it does let me work out if I have blogged about a particular topic before. ‘Cos I try not to repeat myself excessively. Yes, I try not to repeat myself excessively. I sometimes hope I can come up with at least some kind of new idea every day; something inspired that will give people something to think about (in the same way that a really good book gives you a new idea every few pages). Though I usually fail to do so.

By Daniel Bowen

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4 replies on “Blog back”

So have you actually achieved anything off your ‘tempted’ list? It should be warm tonight, maybe time to try the naked in the backyard thing?

It was always intended to be things I would like to do, but probably never would. I did upgrade my computer and mobile phone.

Unfortunately my new back yard is barely big enough to dance naked in, and I think the little old lady next door has a pretty good view into it, and I don’t want to give her a heart attack!

Although mine is only two years old, it is interesting to look back at your blog, especially when you wrote about something or someone or maybe a news event that you have now totally forgotten.

As for repeating yourself, I don’t think it matters much. Blog readers change, some people forget that you have written about if before and anyway, it always is a bit different.

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