PTUA turns 30

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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Hats off to the PTUA!

only becoming a full-time Public Transport user late last year it’s fascinating to see how the system has got to the stage its at today.

I did have to laugh at the old fare prices though, as it said, some things never change.

There’s still a long long way to go but hopefully the government will wake up and realise (with the help of the PTUA) that now, more than ever, it’s essential for the system to be upgraded and extended and be better funded rather than wasting more money on new roads, tunnels, bridges etc.

And a hip-hop-happy birthday from me too!

I hope the event last night went well. I would like to have come but it was just a *bit* far for drinks and a natter.

Speaking of nattering, it was fun to see old Patrick in full flight again. Those videos make him seem like a raving red ratbag, but in fact he was a stauch Liberal supporter, an Irish Catholic Unionist and great fun!

You are of course far more calm and collected on camera – though no less passionate – and very impressive. I have one or two clips of me somewhere and they are truly appalling – there is reason why most of the PTUA media in the late 1990s was radio!

Well done!

Daneil – a great night and a great presentation – well done!

LesC, I’m surprised MacIntyre wasn’t DLP with a background like that! Though that would have deepened rather than lessened his hatred for Labor.

Andrew, there’s some old newsletters in the DOI Library from about the mid ’80s when Macintyre was president. Yes, he was very critical of the unions, and he viewed them with equal contempt as hew viewed management (citing their industrial action and inefficiency as part of the problem).

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