Mr woolly jumper, what makes you think it is acceptable to floss your teeth on the train?


By Daniel Bowen

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5 replies on “Ewww”

Not as bad as flossing but I’ve seen people cutting and filing their nails onto the floor of the bus. Quite a few women put their makeup on in the bus; perhaps I’ll start shaving on the way to work so I can get up a few minutes later!


mgm I hope that’d be with an electric razor, might be dangerous otherwise!

And yes, flossing on the train is pretty gross, as is cutting your nails. Make up application I wouldn’t be so bothered about, until the train/bus jerks and tumbles them and their lippy all down me!

Earlier in the week: two chicks putting on nail polish in the tram. Stunk the place to high heaven. Really, what were they thinking? “This is our last chance to paint our nails”? And how impressed would the passanger be after being covered in nail polish from the tram?

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