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Cool things in my house #27

High up in the bathroom is this: a towel rack.

New South Wales railways luggage rack

The lettering? NSWR. I’m guessing it’s a recycled luggage rack from a train up north.

Cool looking, and functional too.

By Daniel Bowen

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6 replies on “Cool things in my house #27”

We also have one of those holding towels in our bathroom as well – looks like you have taken to it with the Brasso – ours is a bit on the tarnished side.

A mate confirmed that these do indeed come from the old inter city trains that operated up here (between places like Sydney and major regional centres) before the XPT came along.

That is cool, want one. I guess as David has one as well they were sold off when the trains were scrapped? or was it that some enterprising person “borrowed” them from a train. (not you or David obvously)

You are a thief……… I have alerted NSW Railways………they have been looking for this item for 35 years.

Beware the midnight knock-on the door !

OMG! I’ve had way too much to drink, but have just jumped up and stumbled into the bathrroom to inspect ours… NSWR too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never would have noticed had you not pointed it out! BTW, last night’s party was great, but finishing the leftovers tonight was better… :D

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