Blue skies, open road

On the road driving up to Euroa on Saturday.

Road to Euroa

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
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Yup, saw all the cameras. Pondered how accurate my speedo was. (The speed checker sign indicated my speedo shows a higher speed than I travel at.) Pondered how anybody could get caught speeding by such an obvious device.

Was an event with Marita’s family.

People get caught by those because they slow down at them and then speed up again, but fail to realise that they are point-to-point cameras that measure your average speed over a distance. If you speed by a large enough margin over a sufficient time, they will get you.

But they’re not issuing infringements yet, they’re just being tested at this stage.

Do you agree that the Hume Fwy DESPERATELY needs an UPGRADE?? I would RECOMMEND:

– 8 lanes to Seymour
– 6 lanes to Campbelltown onwards

Also, all interchanges to be made bi-directional, and grade-seperate some of the smaller interchanges :D :D.

Also, it is an ABSOLUTELY JOKE that this stupid government won’t build the Dingley Freeway and Mornington Peninsula Freeway Nth :x :x :x!! These freeways really are needed, SO WE NEED THEM BUILT.

Assuming you’re not trolling… No, I absolutely do not agree. I found absolutely zero congestion on the drive. Why would it need more lanes?

Freeways are wasted money — a LOT of wasted money. Every freeway fills up to capacity at peak hour, no matter how often it is extended or expanded.

It’s pointless continuing to spend billions on these things. They don’t move people efficiently, and as petrol prices continue to rise, the last thing we’re going to need is more road capacity.

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