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My right side

Yesterday morning I had a blood nose in the shower. Very Psycho, I must say.

My left side is clearly my best. My right side is… well, a bit defective. My right nostril is always the one that gets the blood. Semi-regularly in fact, particularly in high summer or when I’m blowing my nose a lot due to colds.

My right eye doesn’t work. Well, there’s some peripheral vision, but if my left was as bad, I’d be legally blind. Thankfully the left probably has better vision than most people have.

And of course I’m left handed. If you think my handwriting is messy, you should see it from my right hand.

Woo hoo, one of my favourite TV shows is back, after a prolonged absence… The Daily Show (Global edition) on SBS, 10pm tonight (handily timed to start after the West Wing). Damn funny stuff.

By Daniel Bowen

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4 replies on “My right side”

I went through a period of nose bleeds (almost always the same one nostril). I think it was stress related -after the birth of our second child. It’s been OK for years though.

I think I’m happy that the only nosebleeds I ever got were a direct result of a punch in the face.

And oooooh, thank you for pointing out the Daily Show. I’ve got a Jon Stewart obsession.

love Jon Stewart – he’s on the Comedy Channel 4 nights a week now, with repeats the next day – gotta love cable :O) or satellite, as it is here in Mildura.

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