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While many of us are thinking about near-trivial day-to-day things like what DVD to hire, or how to make our frequent flyer points go farther, in other less peaceful parts of the world, they’re worrying about just getting through the day alive.

Tony Issa [warning: graphic photos], normally a Melbourne native, is in Lebanon right now, and writes of events there, condemning both sides:

More bombs are falling across Lebanon, more innocent civilians are getting killed. It’s amazing that Israel’s mission was to crush Hizballah, but instead they’re deliberately massacring innocent civilians, leaving Hizballah untouched. Is it because they don’t know where Hizballah is or because Israel is just naturally a ruthless, callous, vicious country that enjoys bathing in the blood of innocent victims?

As for Hizballah, they have declared a war on behalf of Lebanon. A war LEBANON DID NOT WANT! And it’s mainly Shiites that are getting slaughtered. Over 100 are dead on this side of the border, as opposed to probably 20 Israelis. NASRALLAH you are not WINNING!

I can’t help but have the utmost sympathy for the ordinary Lebanese and Israelis getting caught up in the fighting. Seems to me both sides are fanning the flames, with help from their friends, while the G8, UN and EU appear to be sitting around doing nothing.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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Naturally Israel is the bad guy again, but has anyone actually thought about the fact that Hizballah are using civilians as human shields? They’re hiding in amongst the people, that would be why Israel would appear to be “deliberately” missing major targets. It makes me laugh that Israel has copped it from both sides and yet they’re supposed to bend over and take it – poke at a group of people enough and someone is going to get angry and retaliate eventually. This was the excuse they needed. I’d never take sides in something like this as I believe both countries are doing some awful sh!t, but of course the Lebanese are going to be angry towards the Israelis and the Israelis are going to be angry towards the Lebanese. Depends on who you talk to as to who is in the wrong. I feel extremely sorry for the civilians on both sides that are caught up in the mess, none of this was their doing. It was the actions of a few who brought it down on them, as is always the case with war. *sigh* I hate politics. I’m going to go back to worrying how I’m going to pay off my credit card.

the nature of the terrorist is to force their oppressor (real or imagined) to use violence en masse to target the terrorist.

by hiding among the population, they invite attacks on civilians.

the silkworm fired at the israeli vessel came from a residential tower.

sadly, civilians will get killed on both sides.

thsi problem will nver be resolved while other nations use non-state actors as pawns.

Sorry Ren, but Israel is better armed and better equiped by far than any of it’s neighbours, the trouble is, no matter how justified their response, it does almost always tend to be excessivly heavy handed. They adopt the gung ho, if it moves, shoot it, if it doesn’t, shoot it in case it does approach so favoured by our American cousins. In doing that they leave themselves open to citicism.

(and I’m sorry Daniel for getting a bit political)

Israel is “deliberately massacring” civilians? There’s only one side here sending thousands of missiles directed deliberately on civilian homes, and it’s not Israel. Israel is doing everything it can not to hurt civilians, but that’s very difficult to do when the terrorists are hiding themselves and their heavy weaponry in villages and cities.

And what’s this pathetic excuse about Lebanon “not wanting” this war? Is Lebanon a real actual country? Do they have an army, a police force, any form of law enforcement? What kind of country would allow a militia – whose objectives are contrary to the State’s – to flourish within it without hindrance, and then whine to the world that it can’t control it?

Let’s just say I don’t buy it. Hizballah is Lebanon, and Lebanon is Hizballah. Either that or by all means the Lebanese Army must intervene to stop this.

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