Best (weirdest) dream of the weekend

It’s been a funny weekend for dreams. On Saturday night I had an interesting one involving a bunch of my friends from high school, but set in the current time, riding bikes around late at night. But by far the best of the weekend was on Friday night/Saturday morning:

I was waiting at a kind of railway station, either in Italy (because there were Italian officials around) or Ancient Egypt (because it was decked out in an Ancient Egyptian theme).

Lots of people were waiting, for an official party from somewhere to arrive.

For some reason there was a toilet bowl on the platform, in full public view, and I decided to use it, for sitting-down activities.

I finished my business, and got up. But when I flushed, it became evident it was faulty, and … it send a giant turd flying through the air, which then landed on the platform and slid along before stopping.

Thankfully it missed my bag, which was on the platform, and several other items I had left lying around, including some children’s books, a couple of pairs of socks, and my old grey sneakers with the red laces. With some urgency I warned people not to flush the toilet. “Don’t! It’s not working! Another turd will fly out!”

At this point I had no shoes on, and was trying to find a pair of dry socks so I could put my shoes on, and put the other damp socks in a plastic bag before this official party arrived.

I was also trying to sort out which of the children’s books lying around were mine (hey, those two were given to my kids by my sister, I want to keep them!) and other people’s, which I didn’t want.

At one point I had to climb off the platform and balance on a ledge next to it… by the ledge was water, rather than railway tracks. Still, I hoped the train didn’t arrive and squash me or the Egyptian guy helping me get things back onto the platform.

Got it all organised, and the train arrived, but it wasn’t a train, just a bunch of officials walking along. They turned out to be various government people from different regions of Italy. Everybody stood as they arrived.

I must have been part of the greeting party, as I walked out of the platform area with them. At the front the senior greeting person (a manager from my work) was asking the government people how they had managed to get officially sanctioned political assassinations happening at just the right time to get bonuses for them, and implying that they might be corrupt.


By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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Perhaps you were on the Underground in London or the Metro in Prague? The toilet (and accompanying turd) allusion reminds me of dream-meanings where you are exposed in public – usually it signifies a courageous venture succeeding. Draw on your past Daniel! Go for Gold!

It could simply be related to my girlfriend’s toilet being out of order (though thankfully not propelling anything through the air).

My guess is too much looking at British comedy. In fact, I would tie it down to Benny Hill, what with the toilet jokes, the hectic action and large groups of people running into shot. Was there a sped up soundtrack and did a bald guy get his head polished?

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