Planet Earth

Watched some of that Planet Earth doco last night. Really wanted to see the water-wading monkeys featured in the promo. So much so that at one point I shouted at the TV in my best Jerry Macguire voice* “Show me the monkey!” But I had to do some other stuff away from the TV, so I may have missed them. Or maybe they’ll be in later episodes.

*Which isn’t actually up to much

David Attenborough was narrating, of course. It wouldn’t be the same without him. I wonder if they could sample his voice now, so after he passes away, the Beeb can keep doing documentaries with him digitally narrating? After all, they did that with John Mellion and the Vic Bitter adverts.

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Taped Planet Earth but not watched yet. I did not know John Mellion did the VB ads and I certainly did not know they used his voice after he died. I remember my mother telling me about John Mellion and Judi Farr in My Name’s McGooley, What’s Yours. It was very ‘cheap’ but very funny. Gordon Chater as the father was very good too…….so my mother told me.

A comedian in the not too distant past did a very good imitation of David Attenborough. Better to give work to a real person.

Hate to tell you that you did miss the monkeys. Quite funny watching them trying not to get their hands/paws wet. For an animal that is quite at home with its finger stuck up its backside it is surprisingly paranoid about getting wet!

I remember My Name’s McGooley from when I was a wee tyke. My mum and dad used to watch it religously from what I can remember and I seem to recall that it was kinda funny.

David Attenborough can’t die. He’s immortal.

He even went to the Antarctic, wearing no form of protection from the elements other than his trademark light blue shirt and trousers. That proves it, see?

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