Smart people

“Stupid people surround themselves with smart people. Smart people surround themselves with smart people who disagree with them.”
Aaron Sorkin (creator of the West Wing)

I don’t know if the people who leave comments here necessarily disagree with me, but they do seem to be pretty smart. Over the past week I’ve learnt of doubts over recycling (plastics 4-7 will definitely be collected, but they may just get thrown away), and had confirmed my doubts over the lack of energy efficiency of halogen bulbs (downlights). And learnt more about the colour lime green than I knew before. All good stuff.

The human comment spammers, however, apparently aren’t smart enough to have worked out that I delete their comments on sight.

By Daniel Bowen

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Well, hurray for that! My blog gets very little traffic and I’ve got the word verification thingy on too, but still one or two creep through. Such crap, isn’t it! We’ve got all energy efficient bulbs in our house now too. Saves us money, saves the utility company power, and is just best all around.

Speaking of lime-green, the Smart Car is now in a glowing lime-green colour in Canada. Excuse me, but wow is it hard on the eyes. Definitely eye catching but the colour is just like Ouch to me. And Skype symbol is lime green too, in my tray.

Stay warm down under.

Were those comments spam? They looked quite relevant to ur post. They didn’t seem unwanted. It seemed as if someone read ur post and commented on it! Generally spams are irrelivent. These were strange!

Oh the irony! Albert’s comment, above, is an example. In this case I have approved it, and deleted his URL.

“Albert”, how would you know the other comments were relevant, given you couldn’t have seen any of them, unless you were one of those posting them under all those different names?

I know you’re only posting comments here to get your URL listed. I will continue to either delete your comments, or in the rare case I approve your comment for display, the URL will be wiped. DO NOT KEEP COMING BACK JUST TO PROMOTE YOUR WEB SITE. YOU ARE NOT WELCOME.

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