Is lime green in?

What’s with all the lime green being used in corporate colours nowadays? Did Boost Juice start that trend? Is it the power colour for 2006?

Lime green

Other sightings: The CD case for iPod Shuffle; Australian Tax Pack 2006.

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What’s old is new again.

Lime green also features on the kitchen benchtop of Melbourne’s cheapest house currently for sale (asbestos hovel Laverton $130k).

Green is such a lovely, happy colour. It’s supposed to be a safe colour to make you feel good, like pink (which actually makes me feel ill, but anyway…). I’m sure it’s got something to do with psych stuff.

Agree Ren. Green is a lively and natural colour but this one is kind of a jazzy one, pinching the eyes.
……..and offcourse colours are to do a lot with psyche like red denotes anger……….and this one is really not making me feel good rather irritating.

I reckon orange went through a similar phase a few years back (even a phone company named after it).

And pale blue was big during the Comm Games (remember them?).

I seem to recall a stage something like ten years ago when half the women around Toorak wore something lime and something black.

So now that you’ve moved out, does that mean you are no longer in vogue? Then again, with the ‘icky’ in that colour, I couldn’t imagine why you’d want to be in fashion!!

Yeah and the poor buggers who work at Harvey Norman have to wear lime green shirts as part of a uniform. They certainly can’t hide from customers in the furniture showroom!

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