Time dreams

I might not have blogged about it, but I’ve had dreams before about having to be somewhere semi-unexpectedly, and running late.

Last night’s was that (matching reality) I had to be somewhere today by 11am, out of my usual routine. In the dream, I woke and found every single clock in the house not working due to a power outage overnight. Everything flashing 12:00. Turned on my mobile phone and found it was very nearly 11am, thus a big rush to get showered and dressed and out.

PS. The other day I noted Isaac sitting at the computer, reading all my dream blog entries, and laughing his head off. Nice to know they’re amusing to my offspring, at least.

By Daniel Bowen

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I frequently have dreams where I am flying overseas but always leave my passport at home and then kick up a helluva ruckuss about it at the airport.

Just curious. What if Isaac started looking at your linked bloggers? Obviously mine has posts that you would not want him to read. There must be others too. The net and children. Insurmountable problem. And what about when the gvt released the free spam filter and immediately a list came up on screen with some banned words in front of the child. And should the male equivalent of hen be a banned word? Interested to know how you deal with it? Constant surveillance?

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