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“In the mansion of life, we can’t all be the state bedroom. Someone’s gotta be the outside bog, and that’s you!” — Vince, in Pratt Outta Hell, by Ben Elton

I wonder how many people are happy with the job they’re in, and how many are just killing time/earning some bucks while they work towards something else? I don’t mean people who are progressing naturally through their chosen career, but are actively trying to switch.

What does the guy lugging expensive boutique soft-drinks into an exclusive cafe think of the clientele? Do people in service industries ever get envious of their (sometimes quite obviously) more wealthy customers? Or are they happy enough (provided their own wages are high enough) not to be living with the stress (past, during higher education, and present, in their jobs) those people might be burdened with?

Personally I’m pretty happy in my job, because the pay’s pretty good, the hours are flexible, I’m learning stuff, it continues to challenge me, and it’s not overflowing with red-tape. And I don’t really want to leave the technical sphere and go into management, which I know from past experience is Not Me.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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Mind telling us what you actually do?

Research, plan, organise events, write to government; that kind of stuff?

omigod, I sooooooooooo haaaaaaaaaaaaate my job; I’m way overqualified for it, and while I just got a raise (yay), it means it took me just short of nine years to get back to making $10/hr. Sigh. That’s practically burger flipping wages. So much for my university degree making a difference!

I worked in private industry (the one company) for just shy of 14 years. Either I had to leave or the bodies would have started attracting attention. I got a job in government (yes yes, I have heard all the jokes) took about a 50% drop in pay but have never been happier. Better conditions, less stress, less responsibility, more places to hide the bodies…

I would never call myself overqualified for my job, and I can’t sympathise with those who do. If they feel that way, they should get a job for which they are perfectly qualified. If they can’t get such a job, perhaps they’re not good enough. Formal qualifications are unimportant if you aren’t right for the job. But enough of a rant.

My job is quite interesting and while it has its share of frustrating and vauge, open-ended tasks, it still has enough variety to keep me interested. Although if I could find employment in something like domestic energy efficiency, sustainable housing or similar I would grab it. It is very different from road safety but still has a scientific basis. Something else I would like is sustainable transport (with an emphasis on PT) and I think this is closely linked with my sustainable housing idea. But I haven’t really looked yet.

‘Do people in service industries ever get envious of their (sometimes quite obviously) more wealthy customers?’

Not unless the customer is obnoxious. Then they get made into stories shared amongst staff. Even then people are mocked more due to their tightness than their wealth (which is not generally known and often not even related to expenditure).

Wealth could well be more an issue where the service is in the ‘luxury’ category and its providers are casuals lower paid than retail (so the gap is higher). But it would still be chiefly manner and attitude and not wealth (or more accurately perception of wealth) by itself.

Apart from the harmless gossip no doubt some vindictive employees might go further, committing their industry’s version of ‘spitting in the pizza’.

Today I had my first job interview in Australia. It was pretty pretty hard for me. They even told me to do a presentation… yikes!… I am just adapting to Australian english accent… so… it was hard for me. Have to wait till next week to know if I am in or not… so.. cross your fingers for me…:)

I suppose in this era of unemployment, everybody should value his/her work.
………..atleast i m quite satisfied with mine though at times i m over-burdened, but you do get for the hard work.

Service….why do we need it…damn I just wish people would pay respect for the people who work in this field.. I love what I do no day feels like work.. but if more people understood how important good service is maybe we would be paid better..Unqualified work maybe but intense..consistent smiles, drained by the end of day..I supervise front office staff and LOVE my job but crap money. Hmmm management yes but still crap wage…?? Why?

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