The Nicholas Building

At the moment I’m reading a book about Melbourne’s architecture, told through the story of Whelan The Wrecker. The Nicholas Building (corner of Swanston St and Flinders Lane) went up in 1925.

I think it’s a pretty impressive sight. It was designed by Harry Norris, who also designed the equally impressive Majorca Building around the corner. Both seem to have stood the test of time.

Nicholas Building, Melbourne

Shame it’s so ugly at street-level though, being primarily fast food restaurants and discount shops.

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I’ve tried to buy a book on the history of Melbourne after reading an amazing book about Tasmania and the more obscure history of it. I did find one book but it was written about the history of Melbourne through the eyes of the old communistic trade union movement. Whilst interesting, it really dealt mainly with trade union buildings and haunts. I want to know more about my city. Things like how the site of the Vic Market was where they used to bury people, etc. etc. If anyone knows of such a book, I would love to know what it is called.

We took a stroll through the city on Sunday and I spent most of the time looking up. There are still some wonderful buildings in Melbourne, I love the Mitchell building on the corner of Lonsdale and Elizabeth.

I love spotting the old architecture on Elizabeth Street. The old throwbacks to years gone by are around everywhere. Need me a telephoto lens.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Collins Street is a nice walk, especially for out of state visitors. A lot of the buildings are marked so that you know a bit of history.

One of my favourite buildings is 388 Collins (ANZ). It is something to marvel at when your tram/car is waiting at the lights.

I love the Nicholas Building. The arcade is wonderful – and the views from the upper floors are great. And these days it is full of all sorts of creative activities. My only concern is if it will be kept in good repair. Some of the activities going on there would not be paying high rentals is my guess. I would hate to see it get tatty and run down – because it is then not a huge jump for somebody to find this a good excuse for pulling it down.

Have just reread the post. Missed the bit about the Majorca Building which I really, truly love. I’ve been known to sit and do coffee in Centre Place just to look at it. If someone who lives in that building reads this, could they please invite Miss Eagle to tea – she is absolutely dying to set foot in this building.

The very cool ‘Retro Star’clothing store is on the first floor of this building, lots of very cool second hand clothing and old school bags there.

The building remainds us of the vast empires of Prince Charles and James. It looks beautiful. The view from the top floor is simply amazing.
Thanx for such a nice pic. The blog is too informative and educative.

Whenever I visit Melb, twice a year in the last few, I have always been fasinated by the buildings. A visit to the Museum a few years ago was a eye opener as they had an exhibition of the city including how the streets would have looked at certain times during the city’s history.

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