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Busy Sunday

Sometimes Sundays are lazy; I spend most of the day just sitting around the house doing nothing.

Not yesterday. A series of events — some planned, some not — had me running around like a maniac. Walking a dog, driving across town, rushed buying of a birthday present and unrelated card, down to Southland not once but twice, with visitors in between, over to my mum’s, celebrate Isaac’s birthday and Mother’s Day, detour past my sister’s, grocery shopping…

That’s the way it goes sometimes. It’s days like that that are why I’ve lived in my house six months now, and still haven’t had a house-warming party. (Soon! Soon!)

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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One reply on “Busy Sunday”

Ahh the stress of domestic life!

Here’s something to liven you up. I’ve been following a line of investigation on-off for a while now and along the way, I found your picture of Andrew Bolt meets Bruce. You have no idea how ironic it may be.

I went to see Finding Nemo in the Picadilly cinema in South Australia and was sitting behind a couple of giggly kids with two portly hairy guys. It just so happened that the kids had an Uncle Andrew who wrote for a newspaper.

They also had with them an Uncle Bruce (one of the hairy portly guys.) Was an Ironic occurrence, and it flavoured my memory of the movie.

This was at the back of my mind until at Boltwatch, there was a guest poster called Bruce. I followed the link back to his blog, and lo and behold he has a picture.

Yes. The one and the same! LMAO!

Now I just need to find out who the Uncle Andrew Journalist was. The kids looked a bit dutch, but the portly guys didn’t.

I may just start a blog to talk about it. Could be more exciting than Pandagate!

Could I use your Andrew Meets Bruce picture if I do?


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