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Did I? Didn’t I?

Oh, great. The central heating is now my new “Did I leave the oven on?” stress.

Worried about that all morning. Not that anything would happen if it was left on all day. Apart from the house burning down and a huge gas bill, of course.

(Got home to find it was, in fact, off.)

I only turned it on this morning because it had been so cold overnight. That was always the problem in the old house, but there was no way of taking the edge off the cold.

I’m unlikely to leave it on all night, because it’s a waste of energy when one can make use of a heat bag, flannel sheets and a double doona, and because the kids’ bunk beds mean that Isaac would be up by the vent in their room, positively sweating.

By Daniel Bowen

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What you need is a thermostat with a timer so that you can program it to come on just before you normally wake up and turn off again after you leave for the day, and the same for when you come home at night and then go to bed. We had one for our old heater that was replaced 12 years ago, it was replaced with a more basic model to suit the new heater. I wish we still had the old one. From memory it even knew what day it was and so had separate settings for weekends.

Isn’t one good quality doona enough for night time? Nothing wrong with switching heating on in the morning, but yes, if no one home during the day, better to turn it off when you leave. While I know full well the tiny cost of leaving the heating on when it is not needed, I still can’t get past the basics of forgetting to turn it off when it is not needed. But it will only be a dollar or so. And you won’t burn the house down. How assidously we turn lights off, but our tv and pc use far more electric. If we were really sensible, we would only open the fridge a couple of times a day.

I have one of those timers. Absolutely wonderful!! It cost about $120 several years ago but has been well worth the angst and savings in gas.

uhhh… well, there is a timer. I just haven’t got around to figuring out how it works yet… Need to find that manual again.

Andrew: one quality doona would probably do it, but at the moment I’ve got two crappy ones :-)

Its wise decision on your part that u went back to home to check it out. Atleast u had your peace of mind for the rest of the day. Otherwise u would have keep on lingering about that only. Now this incident would be a lesson for u and i hope u will always check it out before leaving home.

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