I’m going to be poor next month

I’m going to be poor next month. Such is the life of a contractor that you don’t get to claim for public holidays, and since I send in invoices monthly, April’s will be missing not only Good Friday, Easter Monday and ANZAC Day, but also today, as I’m at home convalescing.

Yesterday I found myself sneezing incessantly, something I initially thought was hayfever. After gulping down an antihistamine and noting the onset of a sore throat, it became obvious it wasn’t hayfever, and I decided to take today off.

On the upside, I’m not feeling too bad, and have got a few housey tidying things done. And I did join in a phone conference, so I won’t lose a whole day’s wages.

By Daniel Bowen

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As a contractor, don’t you get paid your ‘salary’ (if you’d call it that!) including what you owe to the tax office in income tax, and then have to send off the amount owed to the tax man after you’ve already been paid by your boss? I know someone like that who has to work a second part-time job to pay for their tax contribution (because they spend all the cash before taking out the Tax Man’s part of it).

Meh, I’m going to be poor as well considering I took a week and a half without pay to go on my holiday. Damn corporate rules.

In my case, contracting means my company contracts to another, and it gets paid monthly. My company pays me a wage (with tax deducted) and although theoretically I could arrange it so that I get a regular wage, it’s easier just to pay myself when my company has some money.

These corporate rules r disgusting sometimes. But still u must be getting your salary every month. Just enjoy your holiday and don’t waste your time thinking about these rules.

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