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I love my central heating

The wintry weather appeared to show up right about when we went off summer time last weekend. Last night I turned on my central heating for the very first time. After a few minutes the chill was gone. Ditto this morning — it send the temperature from very cold to a pleasant 20 degrees.

I’ve never had central heating before now. I’ve seen it at others’ houses, but never before been master of my own thermostat.

The joy of it may dissipate when the gas bill arrives, but right now, I love my central heating.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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8 replies on “I love my central heating”

when I moved into a house with central heating, my bi-monthly winter gas bill went from $45 to $165. Ouch!

We have Hydronic Heating. It’s the best thing on the planet, and also the gas bill isn’t really that bad. Well worth the convenience.

I bet you will get a nasty surprise. Everyone I know who has it also get huge bills. It is nice though.

Ours isn’t too costly, given that we run it a LOT in the cold weather. Our three winter gas bills are usually $90-$100 more than the three spring-summer ones, but then our winter electricity bills are lower (that one takes a hit in the summer with the air con). Modern conveniences come at a price I guess, and being at home with two small children, is it worth $90 per 2 months (or so) to me to have a comfortable house in the winter? Oh yes, yes indeedy.

I have hydronic central heating too. Kicks the bottom of all ducted systems! It’s cheaper to run and there’s no burning dust smell. And each room can have its own temperature or be turned off! It’s wonderful.

Haven’t had a natural gas bill for it yet but it was costing $50 a week for a little while mid-winter last year on bottle gas. I shudder to think what ducted would have cost.

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