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Delays expected – Blame the games

Blame the Games

Okay okay, it hasn’t really been that bad. But I had to laugh when seeing about five of these signs in a row going up St Kilda Road the other week. One really did say “Avoid inner suburbs.”

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(Note March 2016: originally this was a Flash animation – it has been remade as an animated GIF.)

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8 replies on “Delays expected – Blame the games”

LOL, that’s hilarious! Thanks for the laugh of the morning here in Canada. And man, did you Aussies clean up at the Games so far! WOOT! Way to go. :)

Was it the same signage that said ‘Avoid Inner Suburbs, Carlton to St Kilda’? For evey business that is making money from the presence of the Commonwealth Games, there must be one hurting as well.

Malcolm: I had the tools and expertise handy to make it in Flash. If it wasn’t that easy, I wouldn’t have bothered. Took all of 15 minutes. Plus it’s only 18.3Kb… dunno how big it would be as a GIF.

Andrew: Yeah – though that specifically referred to last Sunday, for the marathon. Maybe some people assumed that meant the whole Games period.

It came up fine on my 6yo computer & software :)

Toria, I didn’t know there was anyone other than Aussies competing; the local media has been extremely one-sided.

There was one this morning on Nepean Highway which said “Today is Wednesday” .. your taxes at work!!

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