Got some change?

It must be the 21st century. On Friday I got asked by a guy on the street for spare change. He said he was 85 cents short of the money for a Boost Juice.

By Daniel Bowen

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call me heartless, but I’d point him in the direction of Coles and say “buy an orange for 50 cents”.

Urgh, Boost Juice, a necessary evil. have you ever bought from there, and they ask your name? Give them a false one, like Murgatroyd or Pantaloonies. See what look you get.

Nathan, I’ve never bought from there, but it sounds like a ‘customer service’ doctrine imported from somewhere.

A bit like Tandy who for years asked evey customer (even those who bought a 50 cent part) their name and address.

The first names thing might be adopted from somewhere else, but I suspect it’s just their way of trying to add a little of the personal touch. Overall the formula seems to work… most Boost outlets seem busy most of the time.

I hate people begging me for money. There is the creepiest guy in Carlton who frequents Lygon Street quite a bit and when he suddenly appears in front of you from out of nowhere with his disshevvled (not sure if that’s correct spelling) looks and giant body leaning over you, it’s enough to give me a case of the vapours. He is very intimidating, especially when you are only 5 ft tall and he’s around 6 ft 6. Shudder.

couple of weeks ago, around lunch time, at Parramatta (Syd) one dodgy looking guy asked me for 15c cos he needed a drink, i didnt have any coins so i didnt give him any… anyhow, few moments later, i found him walking from the opposite direction with a can of pre-mixed vodka drink…

and those juice places suck…

I once spotted a beggar with a sign stating, “Why lie? I need the money for booze and fags*.”

* – Fags = British term for cigarettes.

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