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Mr and Mrs Malloy

Tony and Rae got married yesterday at the Sun Theatre in Yarraville.

Tony and Rae Malloy

After the ceremony, we all watched High Society.

Congratulations Tony and Rae.

(Funny story? Rob actually FORGOT the rings. Just before kick-off time, he had to race back home to get them.)

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Comfiest seats in a movie theatre I’ve ever been in, and that wasn’t including the ones right at the very front which were lounge chairs. Ahhhhh. Bliss. There’s nothing more I like than watching a great movie in really comfy chairs.

Thought they might have worked there!! I love that idea, something different – certainly not what most people would have done!! Did they get married in the foyer and or the theatre itself?

Is it true that the wife lose her last name and has to use her husband’s last name in Australia? I don’t think my wife would like that idea…:)
In Peru We use 2 last names, and we give our children the first one of each of us.


I am Roberto Marcos Zegarra Frisancho
My wife: Gina Latoure Sanchez

So, if we have a girl and we want her to be named… err… Elizabeth, her full name will be:

Elizabeth Zegarra Latoure

I think in Australia our girl will be named Elizabeth Zegarra… and that’s it.. and my wife: Gina Zegarra is this correct?

Denise: In the cinema.

Roby: No. It’s up to the couple. The wife can take the husband’s name (as Rae did) keep her own (as my sister did when she married) or change it so it’s a combination. Same with any babies’ names.

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