More wacky dreams

Two interesting dreams in the last few days. Not that I expect anybody to care except me, but I’m finding it useful to log them somewhere.

Dad and the tram

In the first one, I was on a tram on a route where they’d been moving the stops (such as Collins St) and we stopped at a new stop which was partially elevated, then continued past an intersection. A handful of people were incorrectly waiting at the intersection, and as the tram sailed past, I saw my Dad among them.

I watched out of the back of the tram as he ran after it, and caught it up at the following stop. It was like him at his current age, but more nimble.

He climbed onto the tram and I said to him “you know they’ve moved the stop, it’s back there now” and I pointed back to it. He said “I know, but I can’t use it; I can’t get my golf clubs up the steps”. (I’m pretty confident in saying he’s never played golf in his life.) I replied there was a ramp, but didn’t get into a discussion with him about it, as I was then getting off the tram.

Recursive dreaming

And the other… I had a dream that I had a dream that I had woken up on Christmas day and found the upper half of my head burnt and charred. In the dream within the dream it didn’t hurt, and didn’t seem to cause any medical problems. In the dream, I was asking Marita and Justine what they thought about the dream I’d had. Weird.

I think I’ll get an extra smoke alarm for my house.

By Daniel Bowen

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