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I’m finally getting caught up in the spirit. Despite a general attitude of Bah! Humbug! towards organised sport (with the exception of footy tipping, kick-to-kick, watching the cricket and street cricket), I decided to get some Commonwealth Games tickets. I was spurred on by the kids getting bombarded with Commonwealth Games propaganda and it being used for their assignment topics, and thought it would be good to get them along to an event or two. Plus I recall quite enjoying the Olympic soccer in 2000.

Moseying around the Games web site, to my surprise I found I could get fairly decent tickets at the MCG (eg not high up in the rafters, where you need an oxygen mask to breathe properly, and a telescope to see anything) for the only slightly-exhorbitant price of $30 each. Not exactly a bargain, but given it’s for a full 9 hour session (or however long you have the stamina for), hopefully it’ll be a good day out.

Obviously if you want to book for a session when any Aussie has even a snowball’s chance in hell of getting a medal, there are no seats left. As it is, the day we’ve chosen will include the marathon (two actually, for men and for women), the women’s javelin final, as well as heats/qualification for the 100 metres, hammer, shotput and steeplechase.

So, a nice mix of events, all the atmos of the ‘G, and we should get to hear a few countries’ national anthems too.

By Daniel Bowen

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You’ll love it. I had barely a passing interest in athletics before the Sydney Olympics, but I was lucky enough to be in a position to see quite a bit of it at the stadium – and I loved every minute of it from morning qualifying sessions where no footy cards are handed out to the night that Cathy Freeman ran the race of her life.

There is just so much going on all the time and the crowd gets very involved providing a great atmosphere.

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