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The new desks

The old desk, to my utter surprise, reached $137.50 on eBay. It was bought by a guy from a few suburbs away for his daughter to use for studying. She seemed happy, he seemed happy, and I certainly was. Win-win. That’s why I like eBay.

He came to pick it up on Australia Day. I disassembled it with my newly purchased drill/driver, and in the heat, we managed to load it into, and on top of, his stationwagon. He tied it up with coaxial cable (! — he said he had way too much of it) and gingerly set off down the road.

I grabbed a beer and one of the new desks out and set it up. The second desk waited until today, when the kids helped.

It all looks heaps better than before. The new desks look snazzier, and more importantly they fit the space much better.

PS. Yes, I know I need to do something about the curtains…

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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Why did you put “No reserve” in the title? eBay doesn’t allow for reserves any more, except for Motor vehicles. (cars, trucks, buses).

Is that computer on the desk a HP by any chance? I thought someone like you would have either built one, or bought a custom built one, not a HP from Myer or Harvey Norman or somewhere.

Like any good computer geek, you put the computer together on the first desk before starting building the second desk, I approve :)

Oh, I thought you could still do Reserve prices. Ah well, it didn’t hurt.

I don’t have the energy (or the skills — I’m more of a software person than a hardware person) to build a machine myself. The machine on the left is a custom-ordered one bought in May last year from a smallish mob called Landmark Computers, in LaTrobe Street. The one on the right is a couple of years old, built for me by a friend, though it uses some parts (drives, and a video card) from much older computers.

A great production; an explanation of the method would be highly geekrantable to this luddite.

Is there any way of varying the speed; it seems to be determined by CPU utilisation, with a slowing when it’s doing other things.

BTW was it just coincidence two of you happened to be wearing similar ‘uniform’ – London Underground T-shirts?

Yes – the curtains. But the wires Daniel! you need to do something about them too. I have a “thing” about wires…

Awww, I thought it was all done in one and half to two hours. I feel cheated. I should have looked at the window. Was the mention of curtains a hint?

If you have a few wires going in the same direction, Ikea has, or used to, some flexible tubing that has a full length cut. You slip the wires into the tube and it tidys them up quite well.

My family and I have, also, purchased computers, equipment and service from this Landmarky. They have always been good to deal with. Their margins are a happy balance between product that is too expensive and product that they can’t afford to sort out when it goes wrong. Treat them well and they treat you well.

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