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The holiday starts here

A short day at work, and three weeks holiday starts today (pretty much right now, in fact).

Things I’m planning to do:

  • Complete the big clearout of the house. Some stuff will get chucked out (rubbish, recycle, freecycle), some will get tidied away. The plan is to get the spare room into the kind of state where you can actually get into it.
  • Part of the above project involves getting some software off my old BBC micro for prosterity, then taking the Beeb over to Flemington, where someone wants it.
  • Clear my email inbox (currently sitting at around 1100 items)
  • Work out something to do with the girly lace curtains around the house
  • Look over my 2005 resolutions and bemoan the fact that too many remain unfulfilled
  • Get my Outlook and mobile phone address books synchronised, so I really don’t have to carry my address book around. (Not that I do anyway; I end up ringing my sister when I need an address.)
  • New couch; new computer desks; maybe a coffee table as well
  • Update all the blogs I manage to the latest versions of WordPress, and tweak the themes for the new year
  • And upgrade the Guide to Australia and Great Vomits pages onto WordPress as well, so I can easily update them more often
  • Get my remaining diary entries into WordPress
  • Get all my work gear drycleaned
  • See if I can get my secret project off the ground

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
Opinions on this blog are all mine.

5 replies on “The holiday starts here”

Well it wouldn’t be a secret then rog now would it

gwan Daniel, tell us, tell us.

what are the odds it’s Dr Who related?

bother, there should have been a (G) in that comment to show I was being light hearted. I guess wordpress removed it as it was in angled brackets.

I made a to do list too. This weekend on the cards was “re-grout bathroom”. A friend has asked for help packing to move – reprieve! or untimely distraction? Good luck with the exorcism of lacy curtains!

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