More roadsign silliness

Not as bad as the last one, but still…

50 sign and Stop sign

This is the end of a 40 (school) zone, and is at the bottom of a hill at a T-junction. Assuming you’ve been travelling along this road at the 40 limit, why on earth would you speed up to 50 just before you have to stop at the junction?

It’s not even as if the road at the junction has a 50 limit. It doesn’t — it is 60. So the 50 limit shown here applies only to a few metres of road, and it’s where you would be slowing down to stop, thus going well below 50.

By Daniel Bowen

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Bizarre signage LOL! For me, it’s backwards of course. We drive on the other side of the road so I’d be so lost in Australia or Britain. But yeah, very bizarre place to have a 50 km/h sign, I’d agree. Great pics on your blog btw! Thanks for giving a Canadian a sense of Melbourne away from the tourist websites.

It sure is weird. I travel down Somerville Rd every morning now towards the city and I am stumped as to why the 40 speed restriction applies to the overpass which goes completely over the school nearby. I can understand it applying to the streets underneath which you would use to access the school but the bridge completely bypasses the whole school! And the speed restriction begins at the foot of the bridge (just after you go past Gamon Street) and ends way over on the other side. Maybe some parents use it as a shortcut and actually slow down and catapult their kids from the bridge so they land in the school yard – who knows. If that’s the case then I take back everything I have said.

Lyn, I know where you are talking about and agree. While motorists travel across Chapel St and Dandenong Rd at 75kmph with school kids everywhere, they must slow down for the road crossing and overhead bridge where you never see any school kid on the road.

Somebody: Keep guessing! If you look carefully, you might be able to make out the road name.

Lyn, I know the spot, though I can’t picture where the signs are. Possibly the limit applies because kids cross that road to get to the school, rather than getting there on that road by car.

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