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The Unrealistatrons

Whoops, I forgot to mention this until now: the Doctor Who story that just finished on the ABC’s repeats last night, Warriors of the Deep, was the one that I used as the basis for my spoof: Doctor Who — Revenge of the Unrealistatrons. It’s still one of my favourite things that I’ve written.

By Daniel Bowen

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2 replies on “The Unrealistatrons”

cool, I was going to thread jack or e-mail you direct, but you’ve done a Dr. Who post, strangely omnipotent timing.

Here is the first picture of the NEW cybermen

Clicky Link I hope or use URL above

Must admit it looks wrong to me, to C3-PO and not organic, after all as it says in the article cybermen where people with cybernetic enhancements rather than robots!

And the old cybermen always looked unhappy.

Having said that, if they can keep up with the chemistry and great writing of the Ecclestone series I for one will be a very happy fan still.

hmm, clever, this WordPress blogging stuff you’re using spots and auto converts URL’s into links.

And BTW, my favourite thing you wrote Daniel, and what got me to your site in the first place many years ago, was the “toxic history of the world” still a classic in my book.

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