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Eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month

Remembrance Day at Flinders Street Station, 11am this morning.

Two police stop the traffic. The crowd stops moving, and grows silent. A bugler plays The Last Post. A minute’s silence. Then the Rouse. A simple, yet moving commemoration for the war dead.

Remembrance Day 2005, Melbourne - Flinders/Swanston Streets
Remembrance Day 2005, Melbourne - Flinders/Swanston Streets

Update 11/11/2013 — Revised pics, and fixed video.

By Daniel Bowen

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I had never heard either “The Last Post” or “the Rouse”. The former is very moving, as is our US equivalent, “Taps”

Thanks for sharing this and thanks to all the Veterans!


Daniel, Long time reader (i bought the Gollum statue of you on ebay). The buglars name is John Mansfield, he is the 1st trumpet player for the 4/19 Prince of Wales’s Light Horse Band…I am teh percussionist. I was the “civilian” allowed access on to the intersection with a camera (thanks to my army id).

Small world.

Rebecca, you loved *all* of Flinders Street Station, or just the building? I’m not sure many people would say that they like the concourse [Which to me, smells like an oversized ashtray], the condition of the subways (Esp. the Elizabeth St. one), or the leaking ceiling above the disused VRI ballroom.

I work for the Department of Defence and still can’t believe we don’t have anything organised on remembrance day.
(a few years ago I did get all of my section’s PCs to play the Last psot though :-)

Do you know what disappointed me immensely last week? That I had a meeting scheduled to begin at 11:00am, in a University History Department no less, and no observation was made of the fact that it was Remembrance Day.

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