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Too late

Call today from a representative of the agent of the property I’ve just moved out of.

“We’re just updating contact details for all our tenants. Are you still at…”

“You know I’ve ended the lease and I’m returning the keys tomorrow, don’t you?”

“Oh. … Probably not so necessary then.”

… Uncomfortable pause …

“Well, we’ll see you tomorrow then.”

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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6 replies on “Too late”

Next thing will be all the real-estate agents wanting to sell your new place!

Previously you could always admit you were renting and they’d immediately leave you alone. Now you’ll have to pretend you’re still renting to ensure they hang up/bugger off.

Chris: saying you’re renting won’t beat them off; every renter is a potential home buyer. Their line might run: ‘Would you like to know how to get $12 000 from the government by buying your first home?’.

Right now real estate seems is quiet, and agents are learning how to follow-up calls again.

Even the bank where I pay my rent each month tries the upselling trick on me (no doubt due the the ‘script’ their boss requires them to use). Though I’ve had experience in this area, this is not something they need know, and I normally just reply no thanks.

The only approaches I’ve got from RE agents wanting me to sell with them was via junk mail. I’ve taken steps to prevent telemarketing calls, but yes, if anybody asks, I’m renting.

True phone call I had last night …

Caller: “Hi this is X from phone company Y, as a reward for your loyalty to us during our recent billing/accounting changes we’d like to offer you …”

Me: “Umm – I switched to phone company Z 6 weeks ago”

Them (sheepishly): “Oh – I guess you won’t be interested in our offer then”

I hope they’re not left wondering why I switched to a competitor.

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