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I got into something of a lather over the weekend, when I noted that my washing machine appeared to be about 65cm wide, wider than the space for the washing machine in the new house, which is about 60cm wide. This caused something of a panic, since if it couldn’t fit in that space, it would create real problems in the laundry.

But what to do? I spoke to Adrian, who being a hard-working, professional architect, knows about such things. He said it would be a smallish job, but I’d need to find a plumber. But neither he nor Peter (who does odd-jobs, and I assumed would know such people) could recommend one. Could I find a plumber who could do the job in the week left before moving day?

Adrian also remarked that it seemed like a very wide washing machine to be that big. So I went back and double-checked my measurements. The washing machine is, in fact, only 57cm wide.

It would appear that I don’t need a plumber; I need someone who can properly use a tape measure.

By Daniel Bowen

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I would concur. After you assured me (after taking the measurement) that I was indeed about 168cm tall on the weekend (a conclusion I was astonished by as I don’t believe I have ever been that tall in my life), I decided to re-do the measurement. To find that I’m more like 164.5cm. Where did those missing centimetres go?

I’ve heard it said that men can sometimes embellish the size of their fixtures – especially when it involves plumbing. If mine were reduced by 8cm, I too would be in a lather.
PS Apologies to 1970s English comedy.

“Would you be intersted in buying the washing machine?”, we asked the purchaser of our Burwood unit. Yes, they said and they did. Just as well as the door jamb would have had to come off to get it out. They bought the wall mounted dryer too.

Just out of interest though, what was the plumber going to do? Shrink the washing machine? One of my buddies (a cabinet maker) told me, after some similar stuff ups, “measure twice, cut once.”

[missmarita] Most people shrink about 2cm or so during the day, and ‘grow’ that much at night. Perhaps you’d had an extra-extra-good sleep?

I hate to admit Dasniel that I did EXACTLY the same thing. Except my solution was to BUY a new washing machine to fit the space. Then realise when it arrived that it was in fact bigger than the original one, but still fit in the gap…

On a much more happy note – congrats on being in your own little castle! Well, yours and the banks. Well really more the banks at present – you are just caring for it on their behalf….

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