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The bonus gift

Real estate agents earn a fair amount when they get a sale. Often they’ll give a gift of some kind when the sale is complete. When I picked up the keys on Thursday, they gave me a gift, just a token of their appreciation, they said.

I wasn’t expecting anything. What was it? Not a hamper of goodies, like Justine & Marita got. Not a big bunch of flowers. Not Gold Class tickets. (I already have some of those I need to use by December.)

No, unwittingly, they gave me something I quite definitely appreciate, and will get plenty of use out of. They probably couldn’t have done better if they knew me well.

A brand spanking new Melway.

At least now I’ll have no problems finding my way to the new house.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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7 replies on “The bonus gift”

Now THAT is a useful gift!

Reminds me of how I got my ’05 Melway (Yes, i am telling the truth!). I was walking along the footpath outside my house walking to the bus stop, and noticed a Melway leaning against a tree on the naturesstrip. There was a car parked there before so it must have fallen out. Or someone must have planted it. Oh well, either way I’m happy.

The theory goes, the bigger the present, the more you got ripped off.

Buy a new car, if you have to fill it on the way home, you got a great deal. If there’s a full tank of petrol and a box of chocs on the front seat, you’re paying for those with the first three car payments.

did you manage to get a Commonwealth or State government new home owners grant/bonus? Or have those incentives gone by the wayside?

If you feel like the drive (or the train trip), take a day to see a movie at the Gold Class in Geelong, then you can have lunch/dinner on the beach! Did that. Makes for a lovely day. And the cinema in Geelong is rather nice. Good service.

Somebody in the www: that’s weird – it’s exactly how I procured my most recent Melway, though there was no car. It is battered, covererless and a 2001 edition, but it’s an improvement over my 98 version.

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