Doctor Who

Drink, Mr Davros?

“Excuse me Mr Davros, would you like a drink?”

“Oooh, lovely, yes please.”

Davros gets a drink of waterDavros gets a drink of water
Davros gets a drink of waterDavros gets a drink of water

“Ah, that hit the spot. I don’t suppose you’d have any biscuits?”

(From behind the scenes footage on the Doctor Who: Revelation of the Daleks DVD)

By Daniel Bowen

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3 replies on “Drink, Mr Davros?”

Davros used to scare the crap out of me – I actually thought he was about to be revealed in the finale of the new Doctor Who, but instead turned out to simply be some stupid super Dalek.

Yeah, Davros always scared me too – it was the realisation that he was actually part “human” that did it…

Quite a lot of Dr Who is about corruption of the flesh – several stories deal with some alien-inspired disease whose progress at converting the hapless victim into something monstrous is completely unstoppable … those were always the stories which freaked the hell out of me … yet there is often a chink left for the humanity of the victim to shine through at the last second to save the day … I’m thinking here of the Ark in Space in particular …

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