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Yesterday morning. The crowd stood there, in front of the old Treasury building, holding their banners aloft. “Viva the revolution!” the banners proclaimed.

I looked closer. Nobody was moving. No shouting. No cops. Just a lone security guard. A boom mic loomed above them. A car was in the middle of the crowd.

A shout: “Action!” and suddenly the crowd was chanting as one (far too disciplined for a real rabble): “Viva! Viva! Viva!” That went for about… oohh, 30 seconds… then stopped abruptly.

No doubt we’ll see it on the telly eventually.

Update 6pm. With thanks to Roger, who reported they were still there today, here’s a pic from this morning:

'Protestors' at Old Treasury Building, Melbourne

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Yeah I saw them there yesterday afternoon and, knowing they had been there in the morning too, thought to myself, “most mobs of protesters don’t have that kind of staying power”. Then I saw the car and it all made sense.

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