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I hate washing dishes, almost as much as I hate buying shoes. (Oh, I could tell you some stories.)

Due to my current dining habits (at home and elsewhere), I generally wash dishes 4 times a week — Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday nights.

My new house will have a dishwasher.

The exact date is yet to be determined, but I’ll move in there in late-October, in about 8 weeks.

So I’ll have to do the dishes about 32 more times.

By Daniel Bowen

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Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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What about the quality chats with family while the dishes are being done? What about the thinking time while you do a mindless task? What about the self satisfaction of doing something manually yourself? But once you have one, you would never go without it again. You must be excited…….I would be.

I was talking about chores the other day.

I can’t stand ironing. Detest it!!!

Dishes are ok as long as i cooked or prepared the messy dishes, if someone else cooked they seem worse somehow.

Jealous. So jealous. And I can’t stand ironing either. It’s why I haven’t done any for the past three years. Heh. I am perpetually wrinkly.

My mother always said she would never have a dishwasher. Then (in 1984) we went on a holiday to the Gold Coast and stayed in a brand new apartment, with a dishwasher.

Within two weeks of returning, we had a dishwasher in the house ;-)

I’ve never minded washing the dishes – playing with water, time to yourself (people like to leave you alone when you mention you’re going to wash up), and things get washed and stacked the way you want. My boyfriend stacks dishes like he wants to play Jenga. So dangerous.
I’ve been a shoe salesgirl before, and quite a few men seemed genuinely uncomfortable with the experience. Some of them even bought shoes but refused to try them on first, instead measuring against their arm and saying “I’ll make them fit”.

I’ve been meaning to mention this for a while, but keep forgetting to post.

In Week 5 of “Catchphrase 2000” (which is the BBC’s Welsh language course for beginners) we learned how to say dishwasher in Welsh.

It is “peiriant golchi llestri”

So therefore “‘Dw i eisiau peiriant golchi llestri” mean “I want a dishwasher”.

Very useful thing to know

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