My first tax return

During the continuing clearout of junk, today I came across my first tax return, from 1988-1989.

The highlights:

  • I had a HECS debt of $900
  • Income was $3167 from Austudy, and $2368 from my part time job
  • The only other money earnt was a mighty $1.57 in bank account interest
  • Total income a huge $5536, with $42 deducted in tax
  • $5 donated to the Salvos and $28 in self-education expenses made up my tax deductions for the year

Reminds me, should do this year’s soon.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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Prior to HECS was the $250 ‘tertiary administration’ fee from approx 1987. This was up-front and was abolished when HECS came in. HECS was a much larger fee but deferred, so was thought fairer.

My 1992 budget was similar. Approx $7k income (Austudy/rent allowance), $2k rent, $2k food, $1k sundry and $2k savings.

Well I copped both a $300 ‘general service fee’ (unclear what services I actually got for it, apart from a bunch of student politicians getting paid to do… what exactly?), *and* $5000 a year in HECS. I still owe $20k in HECS debt.

whoo wish my hecs debt was ONLY $900 :(

UTAS (University of Tasmania) has a deal where you can opt to not pay Union fees and pay a small amount to the uni for “amenities”…. few take the option!!

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