The art of photography

Isaac’s a little unwell, so I’m at home today. I was clicking around one of the real estate web sites, when I came across this superb example of great real estate photography.

Real estate photo

Funny angle, thumb in the way… weren’t digital cameras meant to solve these kinds of issues?

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heh, that looks like a drive-by photo shoot.
Perhaps the area is so rough that the photographer didn’t dare get out of the car.

Three hundred and thirty seven thousand dollars. 1.5 per cent plus to the agent. You really would expect a better pic. Of course, that price is what the owners have been told what they will get. The reality will be very different and with a fixed price sale, you can bet it will be less.

This reminds me of those ebay auctions where people post a picture of an item up for sale that seems perfectly innocent, until you look in the reflection of a window nearby and see the person taking the photo is naked :)

Maybe she (it has to be a she unless it’s a rather she-ish he) is showing that a lovely shade of fire engine red paint will go lovely on the brickwork?

Now what is ‘investment property’ a euphemism for? Could it be something you wouldn’t want to live in yourself?

Merak, there are no really rough areas, so if it was a drive-by shot then it’s due to laziness. And the car’s windows look clean enough, or at least untinted.

If the price was a bit lower, I’d have said that bad ads, bad descriptions and bad agents could discourage buyers so reduce competition and mean one got a bargain!

It looks to me more like the sort of photo a stalker would take.. perhaps the person residing on the property is unaware it is up for sale? The realestate being part of the realestate ninja elite, he will bring prospective buyers through under the cover of darkness with no noise as to disturb the sleeping of occupants.

Having recently gone through the process of trawling real estate websites, it became quite apparent that real estate agents make the lousiest photographers – shots of blank walls etc. The best I saw, however, was a photo of a backyard with pool, however the pool had clearly gone green… nice look!

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