Reloading the pod

After living for some time with my iPod only holding a dozen or so of my favourite CDs (plus that great Billy Bragg paid concert download), I’ve finally embarked on loading everything up, in alphabetical order. So far I’m up to B. Thus my iPod currently has an inordinate amount of Area 7, Bragg and Beatles, and rather less Yothu Yindi or ZZ Top. (Actually I own none of the latter.)

By Daniel Bowen

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I have decided, after hearing yet another horror story yesterday from Catherine, that I no longer want one of these toys. That’s the fourth story I’ve heard, out of about 5 or 6 people I know that own one (beware you other 1 or 2 people – your horror story may yet be on it’s way)

Until they fix their machines and their supposed ‘help’ line, I will stick to my CD player or basic radio. I may be ‘out of date’ with the in crowd, but at least I know my machine will work!

Catherine’s iPod was working fine until one morning it froze mid-song. Neither of the two reset options worked and the pod kept on playing until it seemed turn itself off.

She plugged it in to the mains to try a reset. It came back to the menu but then the exclamation folder appeared and it sat there just clicking away, unplayable.

Apple support (don’t get me started on them!) told her to install the latest software versions for the pod and iTunes – only thing is that her pod could not be picked up by Windows to install the software.

So now it’s at iPod hospital. She wasn’t filled hope when the two people in front of her when she dropped it off had the same problem.

Weird – I’ve never had a problem with my mini. The only irritating thing is I forget it drains if you leave it plugged into USB/FireWire when the computer is off.

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