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Tipping, tissues, etc

8 out of 8. 8 out of 8. 8 out of 8. 8 out of 8. 8 out of 8. 8 out of 8. 8 out of 8.

So there. (Hey, I’m doing appallingly badly at the footy tipping this year; I’ve got to celebrate when I can.)

While at Southland yesterday I found a certain early purchase of an ristmaschay resentpay for the idskay. They were with me, but I went back later to get it. Discounted, but still expensive — they’ll have to share it. It’s now hidden, and I’ll say no more until December.

Having done that, I found myself with a quandry: I had to do my grocery shopping, but I had forgotten my reusable bags. Is it more evil to drive home to get my bags (thus burning more petrol) or just go ahead and shop, but have to use those ecoBastard kill-the-seals plastic bags?

I went ahead and shopped. The checkout chick ended up giving me about 10 plastic bags. Coles seem to have switched to using very small flimsy ones, perhaps to encourage people to get sick of them and get reusable ones.

The usual brand of recycled tissues I’ve been trying to find weren’t available there. I wonder if they’ve fallen foul of the wheeling and dealing that goes on between suppliers and supermarkets (according to an article in the Good Weekend on Saturday). But cause for celebration: another brand of recycled tissues was available, so I got them instead.

I triumphantly returned to my car in the carpark, to find I’d left the window open for the hourish I was in there. Big whoops. I’m glad no passing people noticed that…

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
Opinions on this blog are all mine.

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Hope ya remember the location in December. Also, couldn’t you put some spare bags in your car?

I had noticed (before reading your gleeful chant) that you had got 8 out of 8 for your tips – well done! I was just pleased enough to get 6 … Good thing common sense prevailed and I didn’t tip my team, or it would have only been 5. Still, if the ladder stays as it currently is, the perpetual ugly urn will have to return to living at Tony’s house! Mwoa-ha-ha!

So, can I guess that you’re pleased about your footy tipping ;) hee hee. Good on ya!

Yes, aren’t plastic bags the work of the devil? The store I shop at here “Loblaws” has a deal. If you buy their reusable bins @ 3.99 each, each time you use them they’ll take off .10 cents your bill/bin. So, today 5 bins = 50 cents off the bill. But every time I use them, I get that. So, it pays off in the long run for them and for me. I wish MORE people would use these sturdy bins. But it’s the old sheep does as sheep do, blind leading the blind etc. etc. Very annoying to see like 20 bags loaded into a shopping basket. Good for you for trying to reuse bags. Yes, reusable bags stored in the car is a good idea! OR do what I do, the shopping list doesn’t go out the door until it’s inside one of the shopping bins.

I tipped 8 out of 8 a couple of weekends ago and, yeah, it felt GOOD! Nevermind the fact that one of them was a bye. Also, ignore the fact that it was a different footy code.

I was completely shocked that i got 8 this week as well – and i basically used the Homer trying to save the power plant from destruction approach, too!

Must have been something in the air yesterday. I shopped at my local supermarket, put the groceries in the boot and took myself off to buy some bread. Got back to the car and there were the car keys – hanging out of the boot. Still there!!

Some thoughts about plastic bags (I’ll ignore any references to rotten !@#$%^&* footy tipping – mutter, mutter, mutter!!).

First, I *think* but I’m not sure (so anyone who really knows, feel free to correct me), that the smaller, flimsy ones are actually made out of one of the recyclable plastics – you know – the ones that usually have the triangle with a number in it. Just don’t know which number.

Also, it might be of interest for folk who design the reusable – usually cloth – bags to know that the bags are not “wheelchair friendly”! When I shop and don’t take the car – which is most of the time – I hang the “spoils” on the back of my chair, slung across between the chair handles so they don’t drag on the back wheels. Then I still have “hands” to wheel myself back home. I’d love to get reusable bags but you can’t hang ’em across the chair because the bag handles are on the “long” sides of the bag and are in the wrong position for “wheelchair hanging”! Now, since the reusable bags are being made by the zillions, how much extra would it cost to put two extra handles on each bag, on the “short” sides, and make them wheelchair friendly? Hmmm?

Also note that an early design of Woolworths cloth reusable shopping bag *did* have the handles on the short sides. Unfortunately, those bags have not been available for yonks now – maybe? probably? because they weren’t properly “AB friendly”!

And finally, the smaller, flimsy, possibly recyclable plastic bags are a little too small to hang securely across a wheelchair – they stretch and the bag handles tear off distributing the “spoils” all over the footpath! Good thing I still have strong teeth!

Most plastic bags break down these days. And unfortunately I can’t afford the extra $$$ to buy the bins/bags. But it’s a moot point since I re-use plastic bags (two indoor cats, lots of kitty litter, ’nuff said).

Re Tipping – Congratulations Daniel… Matt – maybe you’re right – I got 8/8. Pretty rare for me!!!

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