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London’s one of my favourite cities, which makes today’s events all the more shocking. Obviously it’s too early to know the cause with any certainty, but with multiple blasts around London, it does look like terrorism. Londoners, the world is watching, and I’m sure I’m not alone in sending our best wishes.

By Daniel Bowen

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I hate to have to be blunt, but does anyone in the media have the ability to put some perspective on these incidents? The level of injuries sustained would appear to be significantly less than an ordinary day on London’s roads.

That’s pure speculation, and the kind of statement that I’d say shouldn’t be contemplated before more definite information is known (if at all).

It’s too early to say how many people have died, and I think that deaths through criminality – the deliberate actions of other people – particularly when random people are killed to make a political point – are much more shocking than accidental deaths.

Thanks Daniel. As a Londoner, I’m deeply shaken by this, but I’m sure everyone in the Western world is. Seems as though it’s al-qaeda, as they have claimed responsibility. I hope one day terrorism will be wiped out completey.

Thanks for your words though, take care of yourself.


Actually you don’t have to be blunt at all Peter. This is no ordinary day and it’s rather unhelpful to suggest that a terrorist attack can somehow be compared to unfortunate, but non-malicious, accidents.

Is anyone any more or less dead? Are the friends and relatives of the deceased or injured any more or less bereaved than if it was an “accident”?

(I don’t believe in the concept of traffic “accidents” anyway, it’s a very unhelpful term when almost all “accidents” relate to carelessness or antisocial driving)

I’m sure that we just don’t know the full scope of it yet. It’s a barbaric act. The humans who did this are somewhat less than human in my view. My thoughts and prayers go out to those affected in any way.

It is a tragedy, and your support Daniel and all is appreciated.

I just hope ordinary Muslims in Britain and elsewhere don’t suffer to much for this, they cannot be held responsible for the actions of these fundementalist idiots any more than ordinary christians can be held responsible for the actions of the klu klux klan or the spanish inquisition (and nobody expects them).

Looks like the casualty list is going to be pretty high. Was online last night watching the BBC feed as the last of the bombs went off. They downplayed it all last night. I second Pete’s thoughts though. Not all Muslims are terrorists, I’m concerned over the reaction this act of violence will garner both here and abroad. It was bad enough three years ago.

Peter, I agree that car crashes are virtually all “negligents” rather than accidents, but it’s more like 8 to 10 dead a day on the whole of the UK’s roads. There’s simply no comparison with deliberate bombings that look likely to have killed five times that number in a single city.

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