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Car hassles 1

This note on my windscreen this morning:

Notice from cranks

Dear whoever you are,

Tell you what, I’ll do you a couple of favours.

Firstly I won’t park in front of your house anymore. It’s not that appealing anyway. I don’t know what the hell you’ve done to your nature strip, which resembles an overgrown miniature botanic gardens, but it makes life difficult for my passenger to alight from my car. So I’ll park 3 metres forward or back from now on.

Secondly, I’ll explain the parking rules on this street. The signs are pretty clear: It’s one-hour parking from 9am to 5pm on weekdays, and on Saturdays between 9am and 1pm. That’s all. Other than that, it’s a free-for-all. Anybody from anywhere can park here. It matters not a jot that it’s in front of your house and your weed colony.

If you want to get the spot in front of your house restricted, talk to your local council. You probably have a gnat’s chance in hell, but if you’re really lucky, they might decide your request is worthy, and make it permit parking. Mind you I bet they’d love to take a look at that nature strip.

Please do let me know if you get so outraged with someone parking there that you call the police. I’d really love to know what they say.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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Perhaps the note is misread. Perhaps someone ran over their dog ‘spot’ and they didn’t want it to happen again. Perhaps its just too late for me to post any sense…

LOL @ that. Gimme a break *rolls eyes here* Get a f’ing life! Yes, cars can be parked on your strip of street. I pity your having to deal with such stupidity as that, Daniel.

Ooohh … I’d be so tempted to keep parking in front of the weed-jungle nature strip just to see what the police would have to say about the whole thing! But then, the other more sensitive side of me wouldn’t want to unnecessarily annoy neighbours … Ahhh, the dilemma!

I’d park there again so that they DO contact the police and learn what total knobs they are! Gosh some people! (And if they’re going to leave a nasty note they could at least check their spelling).

Have to admit, I’d keep parking there now, just for spite. You can’t dictate who parks in front of your house, regardless of the size of the weeds. It might annoy them, but it’s a public street and you can park anywhere you can get a space, as long as the signage says it’s ok! How ridiculous can some people get!

They mite also like to learn how too spell, and make correct use of the passed and present tense.

At least if you’re going to write a note of complaint, get your English write. :)

I used to get upset with my old neighbours parking in front of my house. Not so much that they were in front of my house (there was room for 2 cars) but that they parked really close to my driveway (and sometimes over it a little). It made it quite difficult to get my car into the driveway.

The funny thing was one time when I parked out the front of my own house (ok, so I was being a little snobby and parked right in the middle) they actually came and knocked on my door and suggested I should move my car. Even though there is a HEAPS of parking all up and down the street.

Oh, and the son was a cop too.

Weird people.

I am also among the crowd that would continue to park there out of spite, and indeed encourage them to ring the police. You could also leave a note in the letterbox along the lines of, “Please don’t leave your house in front of my preferred car park spot. If it Happened again, will call the police.”

We live in a large block of flats in a small suburban cul de sac. There just isn’t enough parking for all of the cars. Our closest neighbour (in a house) kept leaving me similar notes, threatening to have us towed away for parking in front of her house. I work shifts and quite often, that spot is the last one left. “There is plenty of parking for the flats and this spot is in constant use”. Whatever. She has a driveway but won’t park on it, choosing to use the road. She’s fond of parking me in to prove a point. I tore the last note up and shoved it through her letterbox with another note pointing out that my valid tax disc entitled me to park wherever I damn well want, within the bounds of local traffic laws. If she wanted a legal fight, she was more than welcome to one. She hasn’t whined since.

Andrew’s figured out the subtext. This street isn’t where I live, it’s in Footscray. As Marita (maybe half jokingly) said, you don’t want a brick coming through your windscreen, so why make trouble?

I’d blow up their letterbox. But then I am a bit of a prick like that….

If they ain’t neighbours – fairs fair. Game on.

That note is so stupid. Your response was right on point. I hope they see it though. Perhaps you should put this URL in their mailbox. Actually, why don’t you print this page out and give it to him, so he can see how everyone thinks he is an idiot.

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