More weird dreams

The other night: Rather than my usual mowing boys turning up when I ask them, half a dozen 10-ish year old boys and girls turned up at my house with a mower and various other implements of destruction and started doing my lawn and hacking up my garden, without being asked.

Last night: I was appointed interim CEO of a big company for a week, but in the position I had to wear a disguise and pretend to be an African-American called Leroy. I was also given the task of driving to the airport to pick up some Somali people coming to work for the company, but first I had to sell a kettle to a lady I apparently found going door-to-door. Then the steering wheel of my car was on the wrong side, then it was pouring down rain making the trip to the airport slow. Then when I got to the airport and waited with a sign greeting the people, they didn’t turn up.


By Daniel Bowen

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Funny stuff!

A couple of weeks back I dreamt of Kim Beazley at my place (but not here) sitting on a bed marking essay papers. (well he was an academic years ago!)

One of the funniest, weirdest dreams I ever had was when I was asked to replace the Queen at the Melbourne Cup one year. I was flown in to Flemington Racecourse by helicopter and there was a lot of fuss being made over me. Of course, I looked extremely beautiful and thought my shit didn’t stink as I was running around acting all royal and la-de-da. It was just the most crazy and stupid dream and I have no idea why I dreamt it. Even though it was years ago I still think about that one every now and then.

10 year olds hacking up your lawn…
He He He
What did you do for Isaac’s 10th Birthday?

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