My favourite movies

These are my five all-time favourite movies ever as at 8:05am, 13th June 2005. Subject to change. In alphabetical order.

American Beauty — superb observations on suburban life, from the author of Six Feet Under.

The Life of Brian — quite possibly the funniest movie ever.

O Brother! Where Art Thou? — comedy, drama, stunning photography and old timey music.

Pulp Fiction — It was the different-perspectives out-of-order story-telling and superb dialogue got me.

WarGames — there’s not many movies that have changed my life, but this is one of them.

By Daniel Bowen

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War Games is the reason I sit behind a computer programming all day long now. I got my first computer shortly after watching WG. Powered it up, started talking to it, and nothing happened. That’s when my dad explained you had to make it do the cool stuff. Grabbed a book, started working, and here I am!

i know i’m outnumbered by it’s fans but i think american beauty is extremely overrated cheap philosphy. the swirling plastic bag scene is the epitome of this for me.

it won an oscar over the far superior (in my mind) magnolia which, if compared to newspapers, is the broadsheet thinking person’s movie and am.beaut. is the populist tabloid.

viva la difference!

American Beauty was a good film, but is not representative of real life. It’s a commentary on the image of suburban life that most popular media promotes, but it is not a commentary on real suburban life, or any kind of society. It’s more a statement about the tragic materialism of some people in society, rather than an accurate generalisation of those who live outside major cities.

I enjoyed American Beauty. Sometimes it’s just better not to analyse.

My faves are, in no particular order

Raging Bull – best performance EVER by an actor (Robert DeNiro)
One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest – never fail to cry at the end
ET – great children’s and adult’s fantasy – again never fail to cry at the end lol
Gone With the Wind – truly a classic. How many times have I used Scarlett’s signature line (Tomorrow is another day)
High Fidelity – manic Jack Black at his best and a fantastic best 10 songs list which made me rush out and by Best of Marvin Gaye immediately after viewing
Grace of My Heart – a movie which I am sure there’d only be a few people would even know about. A little gem

Cool Hand Luke forever!
“What we have here, is failure to communicate – some men you just can’t reach…”.

But Pulp Fiction is a close second.

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