Bad Santa… worse film

Bad Santa. I seem to recall this got reasonable reviews last year. Maybe it was the Christmas spirit that skewed critics’ judgements. I like poking fun at tradition as much as anybody, but I found it dull (and Marita fell asleep — nuff said?). The Joke got a few laughs early on, but wore thin after about the first half hour. Once the dwarf turned Capital B Bad, there were no characters you could have much sympathy for, and the plot went virtually nowhere. So much for everything the Coen brothers touch turning to gold. This is the sort of thing I wouldn’t watch again if it were the only thing on the video on a long haul flight.Thumbs down

By Daniel Bowen

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I loved the film. It was outrageous, but hilarious. The main character was hopeless and pathetic, but he found some meaning to live (bashing up a group of boys!)
The critics loved it because it WASN’T a feel good Xmas movie.

I agree, Roger. I laughed myself into convulsions. Had to turn down the volume, though, with the kids in the other room.

A little from column A, a little from column B…
I laughed heartily in places and thought others were just trying to make up the 90 minutes.
Still a thumbs up though – bad, bad Santa!

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