Incredible dynamite

Napolean DynamiteThe Incredibles. Not very deep, but it’s a kids’ movie I suppose. Enjoyable though.Thumbs up!

Amazing luck on Saturday, the crap Kensington video shop actually had a non-mainstream title that I wanted to see. (Wow, even their web site is crap, blasting you with a stupid corporate jingle, and no mute button.)

Napolean Dynamite. I was already enjoying when it was pointed out the similarities between the antics of the characters and the antics of my circle of friends around the age of 14-16. Yup, it’s true. Thus I ended up laughing my head off periodically through the rest of it. Very funny stuff for anybody feeling nostalgic of their teenage years.Thumbs up!

By Daniel Bowen

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Ugh! I thought it was utter drivel. I wish I had those couple hours back. Want something funny and nostalgiac? Show your kids your yearbook. They know what’s funny.

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