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This week’s desktop wallpaper

London UFO crash - Big Ben destroyed

(From next week’s Aliens of London)

By Daniel Bowen

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Daniel (and others!) – not sure if you use bit torrent or not, but found this that may interest you:

“Doctor Who Episode 18 – Galaxy 4

Following a skirmish in deep space, two alien spacecraft have crashlanded on a barren planet. The Drahvins are a race of beautiful females, led by the imperious Maaga. The Rills are hideous tusked monstrosities, accompanied by their robotic servants, the Chumblies.

When the Doctor arrives, he discovers that the planet will explode in two days’ time. The Drahvins desperately ask for his help in escaping the planet and the hostile Rills.

But things are not always as they seem…

A lost doctor who adventure. The original reels were destroyed sometime in the 60s, and only the audio remains. This episode has been narrated and re-released as a radio drama by the BBC.”

You can get the torrent here:

Hope you enjoy if you decide to get it!

Hey, not as bad as what would happen if Big Ben were destroyed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania…

The story: Big Ben Roethlisberger, in his first year playing professional gridiron football, leads a team (the Steelers) that was mediocre last year to a 15-1 record and all the way to the league championship. That team’s all that city has left to rally around; they’ve lost their wealth, their resources, and with the departure of some of the world’s largest steel mills, their livelihood.

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