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We lost power tonight. A bit of excitement. No telly, no computer, no internet for a while. No lights either. Out with the torches. Find some working batteries.

Rang up the power company. Recorded message knew all about my suburb, and proclaimed that very intelligent super-skilled technicians were already investigating, and they expected to have it resolved in a couple of hours. In fact it was back after only for an hour or so.

I wonder if this is a hint that I shouldn’t have shooed away that guy from an opposing power company who came doorknocking the other day? Nah, I bet they couldn’t do any better.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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3 replies on “Powerless”

Five years ago I had a similar situation – power was out and ringing the power company resulted in an automated message that my area has no power. Problem was, I needed to speak to a HUMAN to let them know that I was reading power coming through spiking between say 50VAC and 120VAC… the power was going nuts. I turned off my power because it was causing hell with our appliances, not to mention the insanely high risk of damage, but what about everyone else… not to mention does the power company even know that is going on?

I had to visit a friend several suburbs over to ring via their phone so that they didn’t do the smart-ass “We already know your power is out” message. Advised them of what was going on and, sure enough, they quickly cut the power completely.

In hindsight I’m not entirely sure why I couldn’t call from my mobile, must have been some reason, but my point merely being that sometimes these automated systems can be quite a hinderance…

True Robert, yeah I knew that. Odd situation really, numerous retailers, one product.

Chris, when I rang, they did have a thing that said something along the lines of “Dial X if you have a life-threatening situation”… not sure your situation would handle that, but in any case getting to the recording only took a few seconds, and supposedly there would have been an opportunity to talk to an operator afterwards, but I had found out what I needed to know.

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