Melway madness

Melway mapLet me get this straight…

There’s a Brunswick Street in Fitzroy.

There’s a Fitzroy Street in St Kilda.

There’s a St Kilda Street in Elwood.

There’s an Elwood Avenue in Sunshine.

There’s a Sunshine Street in Oakleigh.

There’s an Oakleigh Road in Ormond.

And there’s an Ormond Street in Brunswick.

(Brunswick again? Uh oh, infinite loop! Infinite loop!)

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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And Brunswick St (running north-south in Fitzroy) should not be confused with Brunswick Rd (running east-west in Brunswick).

Oh yeah, St Kilda Road has two sets of street numbers, north and south of the Junction. So if you have an address you’re going to, you need to know the suburb as well as the street number.

Is it as bad as this anywhere else? Charnwood Grove in St Kilda links Charnwood Rd at one end to Charnwood Crescent at the other. Not matter how anti social you are, you are sure of many visitors if you live in one of these three.

Mornington Crescent! (is that a legal move?)

On a side note, there is a suburb of Perth with the intriguing name of Yokine. I have good friends that live there. They are on Swanston Street – between Flinders Street and Collins Street. I kid you not.

Not only is there Yokine, but also Innaloo.

Les, try visiting Kalgoorlie. Get off the train. Cross the street parallel to the line just north of the station. Walk north a block and you’re in Collins St. Walk another block and you’re in Bourke St! The trams though stopped in the early ’50s, while the houses of ill-repute are in the same street as the police station, diginfied only by a change of name.

Do all capital cities have streets named after other state capitals? A portion of Murrumbeena does. So does the area around Barton, ACT and throughout Perth. Dunno about the others though.

BTW Les, the next parallel street to Bourke St in Yokine is Lonsdale St. Needless to say, the next one is Latrobe!

Just east of that the writers/playwrights take over, with Wordsworth, Virgil, Shakespere, Chaucer, Byron and Burns prominent.

Hi Dan
I am hunting info and maps of Latrobe street area which includes Coolbina Primary School where I grew up in the 50’s and your site came up. Any pix or sites you could suggest would be much appreciated. Regards Tom Griffin

What about High Street Road?

And what about the Harold Holt Memorial Swimming Pool named after the Prime Minister who drowned.

Gotta love Melbourne!!!

No wonder I got so confused when I first visited Melbourne. At least the roads are in a grid layout, not like some cities where they wander all over the place. Sydney’s are just a dog’s breakfast, and Brisbane’s follow the ridges and valleys. Canberra is just perverse, if memory serves.

P – Brisbane doesn’t do the other state capitals thing. Instead, in the CBD, a bunch of the streets going one way are named after dead English kings and all the ones going the other way are named after dead English queens. Except Queen St, which is the same direction as the girls’ names.

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