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A-Z of links

Saw this elsewhere, a while back… call me slow, but here’s my version. The A-Z of web sites in my browser history (also dubbed “Your personality summarised in 26 links.”)

You can figure out your own by typing each letter in the address bar, and copying whatever it comes up with first. You can also, of course, cheat and choose something else that pops up that seems more interesting. In some cases it’s been a while since I actually looked at these sites, and I don’t recall why I did!

(I’ve shortened them a bit by chopping out the http://www etc where possible.) — my mate Tony’s blog. — Brilliant idea. The new BandAid charity single is a worthy cause, but awful music. So these guys suggest buying it, then destroying it and documenting it for their site. — I must have been mucking around with my tiny range of not very good Cafepress t-shirts. — Andrew Bulhak’s blog, which I occasionally read. — Ah, Wikipedia, is there any finer invention? Don’t recall why I was looking up the Azores. — My friend Beth’s blog. — All the Doctor Who news that’s fit to print. — I might be in the market for a colour laser printer. — Musta been looking up some geeky HTML stuff. — Kathryn’s blog. — Australian blog awards… time to vote, y’all. In fact, time to vote FOR THIS BLOG!!! (It’s nominated in the Best Australian personal blog category). Or vote for something else if you like. That’s democracy. — they have some pretty cool stuff, those Google Labs dudes. That Google Suggest thing is mucho groovy. — my lovely girlfriend’s blog. — Doug’s novel in progress which looks interesting. I really should read it… maybe after I finish Cryptonomicon? — Brit rock band. I occasionally look to see if there might be any hope of them touring here. Nup. Why do their web people insist on doing the whole thing in Flash?! — Rather spectacular pic taken by someone last week, of the big taxi hijack hoo-ha in Collins Street. — I must have been looking up something about Qantas. Don’t remember what. — occasionally I listen-in to strange radio stations to hear what they have on the news. — Fighting Spyware since 1485. — I get the paper edition on the front lawn every morning, then feel compelled to get my money’s worth by checking for updates all day. — I was looking up “DINK” to see if UrbanDictionary had the definition. — was probably looking up times for last week’s jaunt to Warragul. — ah, the web archive, full of old web pages. — rather ingenious software for recording video/music streams, should you feel so inclined. No idea why it’s on that site. — some geeky site about how the world would be a better place if unnecessary stuff was chopped out of JPEG files to make them smaller. — Kathy’s blog.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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