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My latest Ebay listing:

LOTR Two Towers collector’s DVD – box and Gollum only

Just the box and the Gollum

Gollum in a boxThis is the Australian DVD collector’s gift box of Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers… but WITHOUT the discs… eg it’s just the gift box and the Gollum/Smeagol. Just to emphasise: No discs, no collector’s booklet, no anamorphic widescreen, no 5.1 sound, no movie. Just the box and the Gollum.

Why would you want to buy this?

Uhhh, I don’t know. It’s not really my cup of tea. I think it’s pretty hideous. Fugly, even. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed all the LOTR films, but personally I couldn’t quite stomach having this displayed in my livingroom. But that’s why I’m selling, not buying. For the sake of the auction, I’m hoping your taste is different to mine. Maybe you had the box and Gollum but lost it? Maybe you got the other collector’s editions but got the plain old extended edition of FOTR and ROTK, and you’d like the collectable figure to go with it? Maybe you don’t even have a DVD player and so haven’t bought any of the movies, but you’re a Tolkien nut and would just love to have a Gollum sitting on your bookshelf? There’s any number of reasons why this could be your eBay purchase of the month. And if those reasons weren’t good enough, you can bid safe in the knowledge that the money is going to a good cause. No, not me; the Red Cross Asian Tsunami disaster appeal.

Why is it being sold?

The original owner is a friend who bought the collector’s edition of The Two Towers because she wanted all the discs and the book, but she hateses the Gollum, hateses it. So I said I’d put it on eBay for her and donate the money to charity. Remember, all money received (minus the postage costs) will be donated to the Red Cross Asian Tsunami disaster appeal. So folks, dig deep, bid generously.

It’s in great condition

The Gollum has come out of his box once or twice, but for no more than a minute or two. It’s still got its foam packing intact, so it’ll ship happily in the box, which will be wrapped in the finest bubblewrap I can find in the post office, of course. Buyer pays shipping costs. Paypal welcome.

Bid now!

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Daniel, I think it is absolutely fantastic to do what you are doing. My only comment would be perhaps that Red Cross may not be the best choice. I donated to the Farmers Appeal some time back and was very disturbed and upset when it was disclosed that most of the money collected would be used towards admin. costs and the balance would not be distributed for months. Not what I had expected or wanted to have happen with my hard earned dollars. I would rather give to World Vision or Oxfam.

For local charities I now donate monthly via direct debit to the Salvos – god bless them. That way I have a record for tax purposes and don’t risk forgetting where I put the donation receipts.

There will always be some administration costs – for example I believeDisasters Emergency Committee (UK) take about 6p from each £1 to cover various admin. The British Red Cross is a part of this Committee, though it will also take donations separately. I don’t know what the situation is in Australia, but most large charities will do all they can to minimise the admin costs and ensure maximum cash goes to those who need it. All charities should have published accounts so you can see how money is being distributed.

I’m in the process of making a Tsunami necklace which I am going to auction off.

Red Cross put a lot of money towards their admin stuff, however OXFAM (my charity of choice) has said they are donating 90% of call money raised directly to the cause.

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I just did a load of washing, including a doona cover. Every single other item ended up inside the doona cover. How is this possible?

Number of people observed at the mobile blood bank last week who were reading The Da Vinci Code: 2.

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