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Christmas shopping… uhh, about 50% done. A way to go. Hmm, as a last resort, I suppose I could join in the 24 hour shopping brawl at Chadstone next Thursday night. I could walk from here… quicker than driving and looking for a park, I suspect.

The Information Victoria shop on Collins Street has a spruiker. What’s all that about? Do they need someone with a microphone to promote their latest survey maps? “We’ve got some terrific bargains in here today!”

Went to buy a new fluorescent tube on Monday, to replace one in the kitchen. Brought it back home and discovered it was the wrong one. D’oh. Memo to self: check the markings on the old one first, before going out to buy a new one. Did so, and got the right one on Wednesday.

Myer in the city used to have directional signs at the end of each escalator, pointing you to the next escalator going in the same direction. They also had signs above the start of each escalator indicating which floor it went to. These have all gone, at least in the Lonsdale Street store. If they were upgrading them, would they do it during the Christmas rush? Or maybe they want people to become lost, on the off-chance they might buy more stuff while they find their way again. “Please, I’ll buy anything you want, just tell me where the exit is!”

6pm PS. Since post offices have been mentioned, I should say that twice this week I have walked past the post office near work, and the queue has been out the door. There’s no way I’m going in there unless I absolutely have to.

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I bought my ticket to see the Goodies in Melbourne today – woohoo! I decided to pay extra to get it sent by registered post as I am going to my parents and I don’t want it sitting in the mailbox for a week.

Yes, I agree with Miss Trish – it all seems fine when you begin that slog home but it’s amazing how 2 kilos multiplies to the power of 10 by the time you get home. Made the mistake of takiing a shortcut home from my local supermarket the other night to give my little doggies that extra walk – 50 minutes later with that bag slung so carelessly over my shoulder at the beginning of the walk now feeling like I was lugging a BOULDER

Oops, hit the enter button.

Anyway, the short walk turned into a long walk and I will never, ever (repeat never, ever) attempt another shortcut with two dogs and a bag of groceries again.

Mine were bought and posted yesterday ; )

If you can accommodate their restricted opening hours and the lines, Aust Post has some quite good stuff that’s not too dear. Also the bookshop has some stuff out the front and near the back. The Cheap Shop was another place visited. Thus I did not stray more than 500m.

Due to an economy drive, 1. two of the presents were not purchased as such – one was a book bought for myself, and another an unopened present from a previous birthday (handkerchiefs) and 2. the annual newsletter will be emailed rather than posted to those with email.

Andrew – a bit hard if many of your present recipients are interstate, and you want to send more than a card or money.

Aust Post is a monopoly and can get away with using its position to operate according to what’s convenient to them (and inconvenient to the customer).

Mate, you’re a lifesaver. As far as I know Chadstone has no webby, and I wasn’t sure when the 24-hour shopping was (a friend told me it was today <_<). Your blog however, has it listed as the 23rd, cheers! ~Yoza

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